WATCH Andrew Gillum’s Losing Speech

Democrat Andrew Gillum acknowledged in a Facebook Live video Saturday — filmed at “a park” — that he could not defeat Republican Ron DeSantis for governor. Gillum phrased this sentiment by congratulating DeSantis on his victory.

Gillum repeatedly stressed that his campaign was not just about winning — which he did not accomplish — but also about contributing to the progressive movement going forward. (REPORT: Florida Democrats Have ‘Lawyered Up’ In Possible Election Fraud Investigation).

“Even though nobody wanted to be governor more than me, this was not just about an election cycle,” said Gillum, the loser of the election.

I reported on November 9:

The Broward County teacher who allegedly found a container labelled “Provisional Ballots” after Election Day did not choose to tell the cops or federal law enforcement right away. Rather, she called up Andrew Gillum’s friend in the Florida state legislature.

Lakeisha Sorey, the teacher who found the “Provisional Ballots” box, called Andrew Gillum’s friend Shevrin Jones for assistance during the emergency. How convenient!

Here is Andrew Gillum praising Shevrin Jones in 2017, at the beginning of Gillum’s long-shot bid to become governor.

Here is Gillum with Shevrin Jones literally on Election Day:

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