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WATCH: Andrew Yang Says Americans Will Place Asians in Camps

Does Yang not know that Democrat Hero FDR put Asians in internment camps?



Andrew Yang has been setting the Internet ablaze this past week with loyal followers spreading his Yang Gang memes to try to get him into the Democratic Party presidential debates.

Many people have been allured by Yang’s Universal Basic Income scheme to give every individual a monthly stipend of $1,000.

Based on this, and a recent speech Yang gave, Yang appears to be another generic leftist.

Hotep Jesus, the black internet marketer who rose to fame in his Starbucks reparations video, recently exposed Yang’s race-hustling on Twitter.

In a video clip of Yang’s speech before an Asian American audience, Yang told his audience:

“I think we are one generation away from falling into the same camps as the Jews who were attacked in the Synagogue in Pittsburgh.”

Yang continued:

“We’re probably one generation away from Americans shooting up a bunch of Asians saying ‘damn the Chinese” because there’s a giant Cold War with China.”

This is in reference to the perceived rise of “Sinophobia” in the United States that has emerged since Trump declared a trade war with China.

Yang fails to mention that one of the Democrats’ greatest heroes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actually did put Asians in internment camps during WW2.

Despite his revolutionary branding, Yang is falling yet again into the modern-day identity politics trap.

The trade war with China has nothing to do with the Chinese people per se, but rather a corrupt Chinese government that employs questionable trade and tech espionage practices.

Back to Yang’s UBI scheme, not only is it a massive redistribution scheme, but in the context of our open borders status quo, which Yang supports, it’s just another welfare magnet. Adding another welfare magnet on top of our already troublesome open border system is just asking for the creation of immigrant ghettoes that we see in Western Europe.

All in all, there’s nothing revolutionary about Yang’s campaign. It’s just another re-tread of the growing lurch to the Left that the modern-day Democratic Party is taking.

By playing the Chinese card, Yang has officially met the affirmative action quota for race-hustling.


Hack Economist Paul Krugman Celebrates the Death of Elderly White People



On June 30, 2020, economist Paul Krugman expressed his desire for the death of White Americans.

He tweeted, “Reality is coming for white supremacists driving golf carts” in reference to an article from Bloomberg News that highlighted how the Wuhan virus pandemic is particularly deadly and disproportionately impacting older segments of the American population.

According to Bloomberg, “record numbers of Floridians 75 and older are testing positive for Covid-19,” according to a June 29 report.

The report added:

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Florida hasn’t seen a departure from its relatively low rate of Covid-19 deaths, but it can take weeks from onset of symptoms to death, and the surge in infections is recent.

The new positivity rate — which measures the proportion of people testing positive for the first time compared to the day’s overall testing — started climbing significantly about two weeks ago.

Common sense measures such as quarantining and isolating the elderly population make sense in these circumstances. But total lockdowns are an overreach.

To the point of Krugman race-baiting, this is not a surprise given his status as a mainstream economist.

Political correctness is his M.O., from pushing central banking to perpetuating destructive identity politics.

The anti-white rhetoric being used now is part of a larger plot to destroy all of American history. That means everything from our rights to free speech and bear arms will be on the chopping block.

The Right will need to assert itself against this mob and keep them from gaining power.

More importantly, they must implement policies such as defunding public education at all levels to prevent these people from further consolidating power.

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