WATCH Bannon’s Warning To America Before President Trump’s Referendum on Tuesday

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s campaign CEO and original White House chief strategist, knows the challenges Trump has faced probably better than anyone.

Bannon’s movie Trump@War, presented below, picks up the moment President Trump won the election, when the mainstream media’s mocking attacks on Trump turned into flat-out unbridled rage — a rage that has only increased as Trump’s presidency succeeds.

As Bannon prepares to debate RINO establishment talker David Frum Friday night in Toronto, another viewing of his latest film reminds all of us what is at stake in this midterm election.

What will happen if the dishonest Mainstream Media is emboldened with a House win? What will happen if our border is left un-secured and the Chinese return to upper-hand status in negotiations with the United States? What will happen if Republicans don’t get out and vote?


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