WATCH Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire Spell Out Their Recipe for GOP Success: ‘Raise Taxes on the Poor’

During a recent roundtable discussion for The Daily Wire, neoconservative anti-Trump pundit Ben Shapiro discussed with some colleagues why raising taxes on the poor is such a good idea.

Shapiro started the conversation by lamenting about the globalist corporate vultures on Wall Street, echoing the sort of loser talking points that were used before Donald Trump showed up and conquered the Republican Party.

“What do you think happens to all the other 50 percent of the population who are invested into the stock market right now? And what happens to the businesses that hire you when Joe Biden decides that your boss needs to be taxed out of existence in order that he can determine where the dollars go?” Shapiro asked, adding that Biden is a “jackass who has never created a single job in his entire life.”

This is when Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing chimed in with his genius idea to raise taxes on the poor.

“The people who don’t pay their fair share in this country are the poor. We need to raise taxes on the poor. I’m not joking,” he said.

“The poor in this country pay zero. The lower middle class in this country pay net zero. So we have a group of people who pay no taxes, a group of people who pay no net taxes, a group of people who pay all the net taxes, and his argument is that it’s category three who don’t pay their fair share,” Boreing continued, referring to Biden’s economics.

“The only fair taxing system is one in which everyone pays,” he added.

The clip can be seen here:

Hold the Line PAC founder Lauren Witzke wrote in a Telegram post that she believes Shapiro and his underlings are deliberately trying to sabotage the Republican Party in order to undermine President Trump’s America First legacy.

“Tanking and insulting working people may be good business for little Shapiro and his henchmen, but we are never going back to being a country club party. Not while I’m around,” Witzke said.

Big League Politics has reported on the subversive behavior of Shapiro throughout the Trump presidency as Facebook relentlessly promotes his blog to keep conservatives away from authentic populist voices:

The times have never been tougher for patriots and Trump supporters on social media networks, but neoconservative commentator Ben Shapiro has gone largely unscathed, and his traffic on the Facebook platform is growing as a result.

Without having to deal with competition from authentically pro-Trump voices, Shapiro’s reach has grown massively. The New York Times commented on Shapiro’s impressive reach on Facebook…

Shapiro has likely avoided the wrath of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg because of his long history as a Never Trumper and the fact that he plays ball with the globalist establishment.

Big League Politics has reported on the dinner sessions that Zuckerberg and Shapiro shared last year and how Shapiro’s propaganda mill, Daily Wire, began producing pro-Facebook content shortly afterward…

Shapiro is one of the prime beneficiaries of Draconian censorship by Big Tech. This must be why he is silent when most conservatives are deplatformed and does not support repealing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which enables Silicon Valley monopolies to destroy our rights.

Nobody wants to return to a Bush-era globalist GOP faster than Shapiro, who regularly shapeshifts into any form that is necessary in order to undermine legitimate conservatism.

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