WATCH: Ben Shapiro Defends ‘Libertarian’ Policies of Open Borders and Mass Immigration

Neoconservative political pundit Ben Shapiro made his name as a leader of the Never Trump movement before disingenuously re-branding himself as “Trump neutral” in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

However, the mask slips from time to time and Shapiro shows his true colors as a globalist who does not believe in putting America first. He recently let the mask slip during an interview with far-left fake news hack Matt Yglesias of Vox.

Shapiro endorsed policies of open borders and mass immigration, calling them “libertarian” during the exchange with Yglesias.

“You’re an open immigration person. I tend to be libertarian on immigration with a couple of exceptions,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro claimed that mass immigration wouldn’t be a problem if immigrants couldn’t access the social safety net and were forced to assimilate. He uses this fantasy to justify policies that will demographically mean the death of America.

“Overall, on an economic level, I’m fine with increased levels of immigration, particularly through the legal immigration system,” Shapiro said.

He explained his stance that Americans should just accept that they are being replaced and their towns are dying.

“We seem to have kind of inculcated in people this certain level of expectation that they should be able to continue to live in the town where they grew up, and the jobs should simply come to them,” Shapiro lamented.

The clips can be seen here:

Shapiro has been soft on immigration for many years, at least when it comes to America. With regards to the state of Israel, Shapiro’s view on immigration becomes much more restrictionist.

“Zionism is an outgrowth of late-stage Western civilization,” Shapiro told The Jerusalem Post. “Every state has to argue what makes it unique, that it’s worthy of survival and worthy of fighting for.”

“As a US Jew, I can’t be more grateful to the people of Israel for protecting and defending not only eternal values but the survival of Western civilization more broadly. It’s not often enough that US Jews say thank you to Israelis, but they ought to…. Americans benefit from having Israelis on the front lines protecting civilization and Jewish lives,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shapiro has chastised people who believe that the “browning of America” could lead to the end of the nation forged by the founding-era revolutionaries.

“When I say I don’t care about the browning of America, what I mean is I don’t care about ethnicity. It doesn’t make any difference to me. The only thing that makes a difference to me is the ideals of the people who are coming across the border,” he said last year.

“I don’t care about what the nature of the people who look like is who believe in American values. Those people are my family,” Shapiro added.

However, the actual data shows that the “browning of America” will necessarily lead to an end to American values. Hispanics overwhelmingly support socialism and reject the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Big League Politics has reported extensively about the existential threat to America posed by third-world immigration (both legal and illegal):

Pew Research released some interesting statistics highlighting Latino voters’ views on national political problems based on a survey they conducted on Latino adults this past December.

Record numbers of Latinos — 32 million — will be voting in the 2020 general election. This exceeds the number of eligible black voters for the first time in history.

According to the results, the majority of Hispanic voters favor more government involvement on issues ranging from minimum wage to gun control.

62 percent of registered voters identify or lean toward the Democrat Party, whereas 34 percent connect with or lean in the direction of the Republican Party…

Interestingly, Hispanic Republicans were considerably to the Left of the average Republican voter on healthcare. 24 percent of Republican voters believe that the government should be responsible for guaranteeing healthcare coverage…

All things considered, continued mass migration will not only ensure eventual Democrat Party domination in the near future, but also a more leftist Republican opposition that now has a big government faction within its ranks.

Shapiro’s ideals lead to the death of America. That is why he is never deplatformed while authentic Trump supporters are unpersoned regularly.

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