WATCH: Ben Shapiro Sides With Leftists, Calls Trump ‘Divisive’

A known #NeverTrump stalwart and Hollywood-invented “conservative” joined Buck Sexton of HillTV Tuesday to criticize President Donald J. Trump for alleged “divisiveness.”

The topic of discussion was saving Western civilization from suicide-by-illegal-immigration, a subject on which Ben Shapiro thinks Trump is “not qualified” to speak, and has been “divisive.”

Shapiro said:

“The truth is I think that President Trump in terms of the philosophy is basically a holding pattern. I don’t think that he is pushing back forcefully in terms of the philosophies of Western civilization. He just doesn’t really know enough to speak deeply to these principles. On policy, obviously, he’s doing a lot to push back against leftism, and I think that’s great. I mean, I like President Trump on policy a lot, but in terms of the educational mission, he is I just don’t think qualified to really speak to the foundations of Western civilization. So defending the basic idea that America is good is certainly a positive thing and that is something President Trump has done. The sort of divisive way in which he has done it is not nearly as helpful, I think.”

Shapiro’s schtick is debating teenaged socialists on college campuses. But he has drawn criticism from conservatives for his week-kneed approach to politics. A bona fide member of Conservative Inc., he tends to accept the premises of the political left, which raises a fundamental and important question: what good is conservatism if it operates on the premises of its political enemies?


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