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WATCH: Bill Nye Becomes the Abortion Guy Who Gets The Science All Wrong



An internet “scientist” made some outrageous comments about those who believe life begins at conception.

Bill Nye “the science guy”- who is, in fact, NOT a scientist – starred in a video explaining his position on the idea that life begins at conception. His argument that life does not begin at conception is beyond flawed and jumbled.

The clumsy video was published on “Big Think”, a YouTube channel that describes themself as, “the leading source of expert-driven, actionable, educational content — with thousands of videos, featuring experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye, we help you get smarter, faster.”

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Receiving a lot of backlash on YouTube and Twitter for his anti-science views on life at conception, Nye claims that people who believe in life at conception “literally don’t know what you’re talking about.” Equating a natural fertilized egg that does not attach to the uterine wall as the same thing as abortion, did not sit well with many viewers.

This poor attempt to justify abortion indicates that Bill Nye should stick to mechanical engineering and leave the biological sciences to those with the appropriate degree.

Let’s start with his far from accurate claim that the Bible is 5,000 years old. The group this video, Big Think, has an article from 2016 about the age of the Bible:

“So the oldest Biblical text we found is about 2700 years old.” Of course giving themselves some leeway, “most Biblical scholars believe the Book of Genesis was the first book to be written down. This would have happened around 1450 BC to 1400 BC. So perhaps about 3400 years or so ago.”

It’s interesting that the same organization producing this video misrepresenting the Bible, also put out an article dating the Bible to a much different time than Nye proposes.

While Nye states “we have so many more important things to be dealing with”, he certainly has a mouthful to say about the subject, albeit the majority of it does not make sense.

Asking, “Who are you going to sue? Who are you going to imprison? Every woman who has had a fertilized egg pass through her?” Nye fails to realize that no one gets sued for having an abortion – abortion is legal.

The “guys of European dissent” comment almost explains itself. Nye indicates that males of white skin color should have no say in ‘reproductive health’ legislation. However, it seems he is perfectly fine with the original nine males of European dissent that made abortion legal in 1973.

In a cluster of phrases that make no sense whatsoever, Nye says:

“You wouldn’t know how big a human egg was if it weren’t for microscopes, if it weren’t for scientists, medical researchers looking diligently.You wouldn’t know the process. You wouldn’t have that shot, the famous shot or shots where the sperm are bumping up against the egg. You wouldn’t have that without science. So then to claim that you know the next step when you obviously don’t is trouble. Let me do that again. At some point we have to respect the facts.”

Nye is trying (I think) to downplay the moment of conception where there is a burst of light. But, does Nye respect the scientific fact that the majority of abortions end a heartbeat which means ending a life?

“Closing abortion clinics, closing – not giving women access to birth control has not been an effective way to lead to healthier societies.” Nye changes his argument from that of “there is no such thing as life at conception” to “abortion clinics give women birth control”. While at one point he says, “no one likes abortion”, he turns around and advocates for their clinics. Which one is it?

It’s easy for Bill Nye to take this surface level approach to the issue.  There are few and far between “life at conception” bills floating around states, however there are multiple heartbeat bills going around. Nye does not venture into the question of when he thinks abortion is morally wrong. He plays it safe by trying to target the conception argument and label all pro-lifers as not being educated. Ending his video with “just really be objective about this”.

Yes, let’s. Let’s recognize that the large issue at hand here is about abortion that ends beating hearts. The majority of abortions are performed beyond 21 days, which is when a fetal heartbeat is detected – before most women even know they’re pregnant! To debunk Nye’s argument, a fertilized egg that naturally (not medically induced) does not attach to the uterine wall is not an abortion. A medically induced detachment from the uterine wall is. This video is a poor attempt to equate the two.

One would think that Bill Nye who believes that all life began via the Big Bang – all from one tiny cell – would also believe that the rapid reproduction of cells after fertilization constitutes as life, too. Apparently cells only equate to life in regards to the creation of the world, not in our present world. Yes, life begins at conception, Bill. Dead things don’t grow.


Hunter Biden Laptop Store Owner Speaks Out After Going Into Hiding

John Paul Mac Isaac has closed down his computer repair business.



The civilian whistleblower who released the shady contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the public through Rudy Giuliani has come forward in a new video, rejecting attacks on his character following his exposé of Biden family corruption. John Paul Mac Isaac has been forced to shut down his Delaware computer repair business in the wake of his whistle-blowing.

Mac Isaac spoke publicly for the first time since October in a new video released Friday. In his video, he details his family’s track record of military service, disproving liberal assertions that he acted as an agent of Russia in exposing Biden corruption.

Mac Isaac became the legal owner of what formerly was Hunter Biden’s water-damaged laptop when the younger Biden failed to pick up the device following its repairs at Mac Isaac’s shop, surrendering the property to Mac Issac pursuant to the repair agreement he signed. Mac Isaac has been maligned as a thief or a hacker, but his actions in revealing information detailing Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings have been entirely legal, ethical, and within his rights.

Big League Politics has reported on Mac Isaac’s account of his interactions with the FBI regarding the laptop. Mac Isaac has asserted that FBI agents attempted to convince him to stay quiet about the device’s embarrassing contents revealing Biden family corruption, expressing his shock that the highest level of American federal law enforcement would instruct a citizen to keep their mouth shut about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings with Burisma in Ukraine.

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Mac Isaac forcefully rejects liberal assertions that he released the younger Biden’s embarrassing laptop contents in the capacity of a Russian agent, and denies false reports that he “hacked” the troubled Biden’s Mac.

To imply that I’m a hacker and that that information was hacked has had an irreversible impact on my business and my character.

Mac Isaac is the beneficiary of a legal defense fund. Support this patriotic whistleblower here.

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