WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protestors Overwhelmed by Counter-Demonstrators in Springfield, Oregon

Black Lives Matter protestors who were marching through a residential neighborhood in Springfield, Oregon left the area after they were overwhelmed by a crowd of counter-demonstrators displeased with their presence near their homes on Wednesday night.

Area residents can be heard in video of the protest event rebuking protestors for showing up uninvited to their own residential neighborhood.

Springfield Police had earlier promptly dispersed protestors who were trying to block a public roadway in the neighborhood. The riotous protestors had perhaps expected to obstruct the public way with impunity, and law enforcement made it clear that there weren’t in Portland anymore.

Springfield, Oregon is more than 87% white. Less than 1% of the city’s population is black.

Residents of the neighborhood confronted the unruly and violent left-wing mob with weapons, including one who kept back a helmet-clad antifa with an American flag.

Oregon’s population outside of Portland is not as left wing as some might think, and there’s an outside chance the wave of criminality and political violence occurring in the state’s biggest city could fuel a conservative and right wing political backlash from Oregonians sick of seeing anarchists get away with attacking a federal courthouse.

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