WATCH: BLP Talks With Border Hawk Kris Kobach at CPAC

Big League Politics contributor Tom Pappert caught up with former Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach – one of the few pro-border wall personalities allowed into the event – at CPAC on Thursday night.

“I’m actually here representing We Build the Wall right now,” Kobach said. “I just recently finished my term as Secretary of State of Kansas, and right now I’m serving as General Counsel for We Build the Wall.”

We Build the Wall is a private organization that Kobach says is using private funds in an attempt to build a wall along the southern border, as demanded by the American people when they elected President Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Trump has hit roadblocks in his efforts to secure the southern border, with a non-complying Congress who refused to appropriate funds for the project. He has declared a National Emergency in an attempt to use Department of Defense funds for the wall, which will be fought tooth-and-nail by open borders Democrats in blue states, likely leading to a lengthy legal battle.

“We need to do it,” Kobach said, “because there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of border that are wide open and even if President Trump gets every mile that he’s asking for built, there will still be over a thousand miles of border wide open.”

Kobach described the negative ramifications of illegal immigration and poorly designed legal immigration laws in his interview with Pappert, as well as his future plans, which may include working for the Trump administration, or a potential 2020 U.S. Senate run.

WATCH the full interview:

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