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WATCH: Child Protective Services Rips 4-Year-Old Child From Family in Heartbreaking Video

The land of the free is no more.



Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) forcibly removed a four-year-old boy from his home in June, and the family is desperately trying to get their son back from what they consider a state-sponsored kidnapping.

The horrifying video of the Soviet-style raid on the Pardo family to take their son Drake away from them can be seen here:

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According to court documents, CPS claims that Drake’s mother Ashley Pardo is “exaggerating and lying about [her son’s] symptoms and conditions” and “demanding an unnecessary surgical procedure to place a G-tube.” The family had previously filed a complaint against the Children’s Medical Center alleging negligence after doctors refused to see Blake after he was taken to the facility.

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“The affidavit says two different gastrointestinal doctors have advised against the procedure, yet the mother has been actively looking for a third GI doctor,” the Texas news outlet InForney points out.

The Pardo family has repeatedly been denied access to their children by the courts. In a recent hearing on Aug. 9, the CPS declared that “Ashley and Daniel Pardo had to make a complete admission of guilt before they can get their son back.”

Jeremy Newman, who works as the director of public policy for the Texas Home School Coalition, believes that the claims made against Ashley are false.

“According to Dr. Dakil’s uncontested testimony at the hearing, the family has only switched doctors one time,” Newman said to the Christian Post, referring to the doctor who has treated Blake since he was an infant.

“They switched from one doctor inside Children’s to another doctor inside the exact same office. The reason for this switch, which Dr. Dakil admitted she was not aware of the reason, is because the first doctor refused to visit Drake for several days while he was admitted to the hospital. The family fired him, switched to another doctor in the same office, and filed a formal complaint against the first doctor,” he added.

Newman also says that claims made by CPS misrepresent the concerns of a mother who wanted the best for her son that has been treated for “epilepsy, sleep apnea, immunodeficiency and fevers, autism, behavioral problems, cerebral palsy, dysautonomia, developmental delays and problems with feeding and swallowing.”

“She also testified that she wanted Drake to have a feeding study to determine whether he needed a feeding tube. She acknowledged in testimony that the only reason the family had declined the feeding study is that it is a 12-week in-patient study and they were unable to afford it,” Newman said.

“The family learned for the first time at the hearing that there was also an option for a local feeding study conducted by another facility. The family said they were happy to do this study but had never been told about it,” he added.

The Texas Home School Coalition claims that the boy was ripped from his family even though CPS had:

1. never seen or talked to the child;
2. not seen or talked to the parents;
3. not seen or talked to family members;
4. not seen or talked to neighbors;
5. not conducted a background investigation;
6. not attempted to resolve the issue without removal;
7. refused to disclose the allegations to the parents or to their lawyer;
8. misquoted and misrepresented a hospital doctor’s affidavit to obtain the court order and;
9. had no firsthand knowledge of any wrong doing by the parents;

Republican state senator Bob Hall of Edgewood is speaking out on behalf of the family, who was served a gag order by a judge on July 2. He believes the Pardo family is being punished because of a personal agenda.

“Doing so, in essence, showed the family’s attorney that she was from the government, she could do anything to that family that she wanted to do, when the attorney indicated he was going to take the case up the CPS chain of command,” Hall wrote in an op/ed. “Knowing that judges, for self-protection, almost always side with CPS was the only path to ensure that she got ‘a pelt for her belt.’”

For more information on how to help the Pardo family, visit


Heroic Michigan Barber Karl Manke Continues to Cut Hair Despite Court Order Forcing Him to Close

Manke refuses to bow to the state.



Owosso, Mich. barber Karl Manke refuses to bow to the state, and he is operating his barber shop in direct contradiction to a court order mandating that he shut down.

Manke was still open for business on Tuesday, despite the fact that goons from Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office showed up at his barber shop the day prior to tell him he was violating the order.

“Both you guys look like you need a haircut,” Manke said he told the agents from the attorney general’s office.

While Manke was discussing his visit with Nessel’s goons, an individual in the barber shop suggested that he should offer to cut Nessel’s hair. Manke then mentioned that some of his supporters were sending letters with their own hair in it to show their dismay with Nessel and her boss Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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“I don’t know how many of my clients have loaded up hair and sent it to the governor,” Manke said.

Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Matthew Stewart issued an order on Friday, which stated that Manke’s barber shop “shall be locked and closed.” His attorney, David Kallman, has requested that the state Supreme Court intervene on behalf of his client.

The Safe Salons for Michigan coalition claims that this is the only state in which salons remain completely closed, as Whitmer arbitrarily punishes barbers and hair stylists out of spite.

“It’s a bunch of crap. Really, it is,” Manke stated about Whitmer’s edicts, which he maintains are unconstitutional.

“Like all governments, they’ll do something knowing that it’s probably illegal but if they tie it up in the court system, then they can drag it on and do what they want to do,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on Manke’s stand, which has galvanized barbers from across the state to flout Whitmer’s senseless restrictions:

The Michigan State Police (MSP) issued $500 fines for “disorderly” behavior to barbers who participated in Operation Haircut, a rally against arbitrary quarantine edicts issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

One of the barbers targeted by police is Sarah Huff, the 29-year-old owner of the Ardor + Grit salon in Holland, Mich. She received a citation for being a “disorderly person” for cutting hair outside of the Capitol on Wednesday.

Huff is following in the footsteps of heroic barber Karl Manke and opening up her salon without permission from the state.

“My next step is opening up my Salon. I did open up last Friday. I took a couple days to think about what I was going to do and try to rebuild my confidence and get back to work. So I am going to back to work on Friday, and then I will stay open,” she said.

Thus far, Huff has received no flak from the city of Holland or the state of Michigan for opening her salon against Whitmer’s orders. She does anticipate that some sanctions will come eventually, but she is not deterred from making her stand despite the push back against her.

“I would 100 percent do it again,” Huff said.

Civil disobedience is rising against lockdown tyranny, as they have shown the proper way to push back against tyranny. The looting and rioting savages in the street demanding handouts, on the other hand, are disgracing America and all the nation stands for.

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