WATCH: CNN’s Cuomo Stands with Violent Antifa Members: ‘All Punches Not Equal Morally’

A CNN anchor dusted off the age old argument that it is okay to “punch a Nazi” yesterday – on cable news.

“People who show up to fight against bigots are not to be judged the same as the bigots even if they do resort to the same kinds of petty violence,” said Chris Cuomo, anchor of “CNN Primetime.”

Cuomo painted radical leftist Antifa members as victims of right-wing hatred, but he did not list a single case of physical violence on that might cause Antifa to have to fight back. Instead, he said that the right’s perceived “bigotry” was enough to warrant a violent response, and that such a response was morally justified because the left is fighting against this perceived “bigotry.”

The left has long believed that words are violence, and thus physical violence is morally justified in response to words that offend them. But this is a whole new level of insanity.

Now, according to Cuomo, offensive, bigoted language itself is not the bar for the left to commit acts of violence, but rather perceived bigotry as a whole justifies violence. Considering that the political left truly believes that everyone who voted for President Donald J. Trump is a bigot, by Cuomo’s logic it is morally acceptable to commit acts violence against any Trump supporter.

This is insanity. Cuomo and CNN are enemies of the American people, like Trump has been saying all along.



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