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WATCH: Darren Beattie Explains the Globalist ‘Color Revolution’ to Oust President Trump on Tucker Carlson

Beattie is sounding the alarm about the globalist scheme.



Political advisor and former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday to explain what is happening to President Donald Trump.

Beattie told Carlson that the globalist elites are fomenting a “color revolution” to remove Trump from office regardless of the election results in November. This is something the deep state does to foment regime change, usually in Eastern Europe, but this time they are running the familiar model in America against Trump.

“Many have described the actions taken against Trump as a coup, and this is certainly correct, but it’s a little bit general and vague. What’s unfolding before our eyes if a very specific type of coup called the color revolution,” Beattie explained.

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“It has several characteristics but the chief characteristics of it is the combination of an engineered contested election scenario combined with massive mobilized protests,” he added.

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Beattle explained to Carlson that there are actors in the state department who are experts in color revolution working against Trump. These individuals have not been purged despite extremely disloyal behavior against the president. He pointed to Brookings Institution senior fellow Norm Eisen, who Beattie claims serves as a”nexus point between lawfare and mass mobilization.”

“He’s been behind over 180 lawsuits against Trump. He authored 10 articles of impeachment before the president’s phone call [with Ukraine] was even made. He was special counsel for Democrats for the impeachment process. He was literally involved in every aspect of this color revolution against Trump,” Beattle said, explaining that Eisen is going “to use lawfare in order to overturn the 2020 election.”

The entire segment can be seen here:

Beattie’s news aggregation site, Revolver, has reported extensively on the election steal attempt by the Democrats, which has been noted by Big League Politics:

A Soros-backed “election integrity” group is setting the stage for a revolution against President Donald Trump after November’s election.

The Transition Integrity Project, an organization featuring a bipartisan group of Trump haters, is claiming that President Donald Trump will cause violence if he disputes the upcoming election results. They are running simulations that they claim indicate that Trump and his supporters will create mayhem.

“All of our scenarios ended in both street-level violence and political impasse,” said Rosa Brooks, a professor of law and policy at Georgetown University, who set up the TIP. “The law is essentially … it’s almost helpless against a president who’s willing to ignore it,” she added.

Revolver noted that Brooks is an operative of George Soros with ties to his Open Society Institute going back decades. She served as Special Counsel to the President at the Open Society Institute in New York from 2006-07.

Brooks’ deep connections to Soros have helped her successfully navigate the ranks of the Washington D.C. elite. She was senior adviser to Assistant Secretary Harold Hongju Koh at the U.S. State Department. She taught at the University of Virginia School of Law before moving over to Georgetown. She is also on the Advisory Committee of National Security Action and the Steering Committee of the Leadership Council for Women in National Security. Her deep state bona fides are second to none…

“Our scenario exercises did not end in good places, but important to note that this does not mean that there is something inevitable about chaos and constitutional crisis in the coming months – just that these particular exercises suggest that these are real possibilities,” Brooks said about her study’s findings.

“The goal of the exercises was not to give people nightmares, but rather to identify possible inflection points to prevent or mitigate catastrophic outcomes to the 2020 presidential election,” she added.

Brooks hopes that policymakers act on the findings of her study, adding that “state governors, attorneys general, legislative leaders and secretaries of state need to think through these issues now, and understand the electoral system and relevant laws now, and not wait until Election Day to think about everything that could go wrong.”

Revolver believes that this TIP group may be the organization tasked with fomenting a color revolution to get President Trump out of office regardless of the results of November’s election.

While the Democrats have already crippled American life with the scamdemic and laid waste to American cities with the black lives matter terror uprising, that all may just be pretext for a vote steal in November that will tear the nation apart for good.


‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History’: Reporter Shane Trejo Describes Detroit’s Election Night Chaos to One America News

This is some big league corruption.



Big League Politics reporter Shane Trejo appeared on the One America News Network (OAN) on Wednesday to discuss electoral abnormalities in Detroit and across the country.

Trejo elaborated on his reporting for Big League Politics while appearing on “Real America with Dan Ball,” in which he described what occurred on election day as “the biggest scandal in U.S. history.”

“At about 3:30 am, 61 boxes of mystery ballots show up from the city clerk’s office. There was no chain of custody, no transparency, no accountability, no one would answer any questions about where they came from, and in my opinion, this was when they started the vote steal to take this away from President Trump. Because the next day when those ballots were processed, that’s when you saw the poll workers boarding up the facility. That’s when you saw poll challengers being dragged out and a Gestapo-esque situation was enforced in the TCF Center in Detroit,” Trejo said of the conditions at the absentee ballot counting board.

Trejo confirmed to Ball that he was not being paid or coerced in any way to produce his testimony. He explained how information released prior to the election laid out the blueprint for the abnormalities that occurred on the day of the vote.

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“I was covering for Big League Politics the color revolution coup that was underway. They were setting the stage for a vote steal,” he explained, adding that Detroit poll worker trainers were “cackling about how they were going to disenfranchise poll challengers using COVID rules and other schemes” in leaked audio.

“This was all very much planned,” Trejo added.

The intrepid reporter also gave his opinion of what exactly took place on election day.

“I think at a certain point when they realized they were losing the election, when their Dominion fraud didn’t throw enough votes from Trump to Biden. I think they realized, ‘ok, now it’s time to do the mail-in ballots.’ I think there was sort of a mad rush to do it. I think that they knew ahead of time that they might have had to do it, but think there was a mad rush to do it at the dead of night, and that would make sense considering they stopped counting votes for so long in all these battleground states,” Trejo said.

“So what we’re seeing now is the country morph into a Soviet-style hellscape and, ya know, we’re already past third world. We’re heading to something much worse, something akin to the Orwellian nightmare,” he concluded.

Ball ended the segment by applauding Trejo as a patriot and urging him to stand by his guns while referring to be deterred by the terror tactics of the Left. The political establishment is desperate to legitimize these election results before a proper investigation into the abnormalities can occur.

Trejo’s full appearance on OAN can be seen here:


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