WATCH: Dave Portnoy Hits Back At ‘Sleazy’ Hit Piece On ‘Tucker’

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joined Tucker on Monday to talk about a ‘sleazy’ hit piece written about him by reporters from Business Insider.

Tucker Carlson began the segment by introducing Portnoy, briefly discussing his origins and pointing out that the influence of his cult of personality in the sports world remains a huge threat to those in the legacy media as he typically does not tow their line. The journalists reportedly snooped deeply into Dave’s personal sex life and massively invaded the businessman’s privacy in other manners, all while uncovering no illegal activity.

The Barstool Sports founder told Carlson that Business Insider refused to discuss any of the content that they publicized with him, saying they would not listen to his statements that many of their assertions were outright lies.

“They won’t even discuss it. They print and run… It’s disgusting, and it’s character assassination. My lawyers have said just let it go and it will go away. I’m not going to let it go, because… I’ve never been attacked by this… I’ve been attacked for two decades… but [it] never escalated to this length.”

Tucker Carlson then asked Portnoy if he thought there may be a financial motivation behind the hit piece.

“So it’s interesting… Business Insider was founded by a guy who plead to securities fraud and admitted to lying to investors… so it’s like, I don’t know, maybe don’t throw stones, but this a publication supposed to be covering business, you a run a business, you’re really successful in business, you gotta kinda wonder why you? You’re not running for anything, is there a business angle you think in their decision to try and destroy you?”

Portnoy replied by pointing out that Penn National, an affiliate of Barstool, had their earnings drop the same day the article denigrating him and his personal life dropped and that many people had shorted (bet against) it only a day prior.

Carlson then concluded the segment, emphasizing his belief in the importance that freedom of expression and masculine men who are unafraid to speak out.

“It’s important that people say what they mean and that we have space for somebody who is unapologetically honest and maybe not feminized… I’m rooting for you to survive this and I know that you will.”

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