WATCH: Democrat Congressional Candidate Defended Child Sex Abusers

A Democrat congressional candidate in Arizona is under fire after a PAC called DefendArizona released a damning political ad showing her to be soft on child prostitution.

According to the ad, State Rep. Krysten Sinema opposed strict liability for defendants in child prostitution, arguing that sometimes it is difficult for men to know the age of the prostitute that they hired.

“I don’t think that’s fair,” the ad shows Sinema saying. “There were children [at the elementary school where Sinema worked] who were 12, 13 years old, and some of these children look older than me.”

Essentially Sinema fought for a loophole in Arizona law, which according to the ad, allowed men caught with child prostitutes to “beat the rap” if the children looked older than they actually were.

This is not the first time Sinema has been embroiled in controversy with sleazy people.

In March, she donated $33,800 of campaign funds to charity, not out of goodwill, but to distance herself from Ed Buck, a big time Democrat donor who is under investigation after a male escort died of a drug overdose in his California home last year.

In April, she donated $53,400 to charity that she received from Michael Lacey and James Larkin, founders of, which knowingly posted ads for sex with underage girls on its website. Sinema returned the money only after President Donald J. Trump had the site shut down.




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