WATCH: Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Made to Leave Protest in Shame After Refusing to Defund Police

Minneapolis Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey was aggressively shamed away from a meeting of George Floyd protestors on Saturday, with the crowd chanting him away in a pronounced fashion after the progressive Democrat refused to commit to the defunding of the Minneapolis Police Department.

In the footage, Frey goes through a speech filled with meaningless gestures and sanitized language hoping to appease the protestors. But a leader of the protest puts him on the spot clearly, demanding that he articulate his position on the specific issue of defunding the police department. Frey attempts to answer with more empty platitudes, but the protestor presses him, eventually getting him to admit that he doesn’t support abolishing the police department.

After Frey finally makes himself clear, he’s assailed with a hail of boos and jeers from the crowd, getting dismissed from the protest and taking what is quite literally a walk of shame away from the protestors.

Frey had been seen crying emotionally at a memorial service commemorating Floyd’s life, leading many to question if the mayor was being sincere in his expression, considering he didn’t actually know the man. His speech at the protest appears to be another calculated gesture hoping to appease the protestors without ceding to any of their demands.

Frey is also seeking a $55 million federal bailout to repair the damages inflicted upon the city of Minneapolis through the race riots, even after the state’s Democratic Governor Tim Walz pointed to him for the entirely ineffective response to the initial riots.