WATCH: Deranged Leftist Harasses Normal People By Screaming ‘F*** Donald Trump!’ In Public Places

An attention-craving leftist with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has been getting his jollies by going to public places – mostly restaurants – and yelling “f*** Donald Trump” in order to bother ordinary people

“here’s a thread of me going random places and saying f*** donald trump,” wrote Twitter user 2xfly.

What follows is a thread of selfie videos where the young scholar does just that.

For example, here he is cursing the president at an Applebee’s.

Here he is “At a Mexican restaurant with alotta white people eating in it.”

And then “At a lovely Italian restaurant.”

And “At some Caucasian CafĂ© with some dude who lied about being the owner.”

Whoever this clown is, he sure seems to have it out for white people, which is the product of 24/7 anti-Trump media coverage which falsely maligns the President as a “racist,” stoking racial hatred.

“At a place with come beautiful caucasian folk,” he wrote in another Tweet.

And then “On an Airplane.”

The Tweets continue like this, but you get the point.

This behavior passes for civil discourse in 2018, and is actually the left’s entire platform. When you have no policy proposals that could possibly be better for the American people than Trump’s massively successful agenda, yelling “f*** Donald Trump” is all you can do.

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