WATCH: Fake News Identifies “Wuhan Virus” Weeks Before Politically Correct Controversy

The fake news media has been up in arms over the name people are calling the Chinese coronavirus in recent days, claiming that either identifying it as ‘Chinese’ or the ‘Wuhan virus’ is somehow xenophobic or racist.

To be clear, it’s simply not racist to identify the Chinese coronavirus by its geographic origin, be it Wuhan or the People’s Republic of China. People have always identified diseases by their area of origin. The Spanish Flu was named after the first country to report cases of the disease. Ebola is named after a river in Africa.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes claimed that identifying it as such was “astoundingly gross,” revealing his priorities when Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar announced he was self-quarantining.

But it wasn’t always that way. As the virus lingered as a somewhat lesser news story throughout the month of February, CNN pundits and hosts seemed more than content to designate it as either the ‘Wuhan virus’ or the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’ Their change of tune is as sudden as it is deeply hypocritical, rooted in an authoritarian desire to control the thoughts and language of other people more so than real concern for supposed xenophobia surrounding coronavirus concerns.

A video compilation from the Media Research Center has revealed several of CNN’s prevalent personalities openly describing the virus as the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ and ‘Chinese coronavirus.’ Watch here:

One CNN talking head likens the description of the virus by its geographic origin to a “racist orchestra.” If that’s the case, CNN’s own employees can be heard putting on an orchestra of their own by describing the virus as such over the past few weeks.

In an astounding display of opportunistic hypocrisy, moralistic CNN host Don Lemon critiques the use of the term ‘Chinese coronavirus,’ only to use that exact term himself live on camera in a previous broadcast.

These frauds have the worst possible priority in the time of widespread panic over the virus. People don’t need to be obsessively fretting over the correct title of the virus. Now is not the time for politically correct lectures.


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