WATCH: Fans Boo Social Justice Display At NFL Wokeball Opening Night

Fans booed a social justice performance at the NFL’s opening game on Thursday night, held in Kansas City between the Chiefs and the Houston Texans.

The field had been decorated with blaring social justice messages, imploring everyday football fans with two endzone slogans of “end racism”(as if it were within their power) and remind them that “it takes all of us.” It’s unclear what they think it’s going to take every person to solve.

The teams also declined to come out of the locker room to recognize the national anthem before the game, starting off with the third social justice display of the night before kickoff even took place. They stayed inside for both the Star-Spangled Banner and the so-called black national anthem, a song that the NFL has decided to play in conjunction with the anthem to honor social justice causes.

When the members of the Chiefs and the Texans met at midfield for what seemed to be the fifth or sixth racial justice event of the night, fans seemed to have finally had enough. Boos could be heard resonating throughout the stadium as the team’s remaining fans made their feelings clear on the seeming onslaught of progressive propaganda.

Watch here:

The public perception of sports leagues in America has declined considerably, as leagues formerly focused on sport and competition transform themselves wholly into engines to provide lectures to Americans seeking a reprieve from the continual onslaught of the liberal religion.

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