WATCH: Fox News’ Juan Williams Blatantly LIES About Source of BLP’s Fairfax Sex Assault Allegation Scoop

Fox News Juan Williams Lies About BLP

Fox News’ Juan Williams blatantly lied about the source of Big League Politics’ sexual assault allegation scoop surrounding Democrat Virginia Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax, claiming we reported the information came from one of Fairfax’s political rivals.

Williams suggested Big League Politics received a tip about the sexual assault allegation from Fairfax’s political rival, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney during today’s episode of Fox News’ The Five.


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This blatantly untrue assertion attempts to discredit Big League Politics’ journalism as mere talking points from Fairfax’s political opponents. However, it is a blatant lie. Big League Politics received the information from the Internet, after accuser Vanessa Tyson’s friend and confidante Adria Scharf posted the accusation publicly.

Big League Politics referenced the accuser and her friend by name in the first paragraph of our original article:

A woman named Vanessa Tyson, who is a fellow at Stanford University, says that a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention is now an office-holder about to get a “very big promotion,” according to a screenshot provided by a tipster. A friend of Tyson’s named Adria Scharf, based in Richmond, Virginia, shared the “heartbreaking” message, which Tyson wrote as a private post.

Tyson is a fellow at California-based Stanford University and professor at California-based Scripps College, which means the alleged sexual assaulter must hold office on the East Coast. Tyson says her alleged attacker won statewide office in 2017.

As readers know, our investigative team at Big League Politics, led by veteran reporter and Editor-in-Chief Patrick Howley, found this scoop on our own. We do not take orders from President Donald Trump, Northam, or Richmond mayors.

Other personalities featured on The Five appeared to immediately notice Williams’ lie, and attempted to change the subject, with Sandra Smith noting “It is tough to keep track of all the details on this story as it develops” before tossing the microphone back to Greg Gutfeld, who attempted to diffuse the situation with a joke about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This blatant lie which falsely smears this publication comes only months after former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly claimed the network desperately wants to become part of the “establishment media.”

Big League Politics reported:

Former Fox News primetime host Bill O’Reilly said that the management at Fox News all changed, and that’s the reason why Fox News is standing with CNN in the left-wing network’s plot to get showman Jim Acosta his permanent White House press pass back.

O’Reilly noted that he is not disparaging Fox News, but he made it very clear that the new management seeks approval from the fancy insiders on the East Coast Acela route, which Fox never would have done under previous management — meaning, presumably, the late Roger Ailes.

This latest convenient lie would seem to reinforce O’Reilly’s belief.

Big League Politics contacted several Fox News Channel producers in an attempt to get this lie corrected and did not receive an immediate response.

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