WATCH: Granddaughter of Former UNC Chancellor Admits to Tearing Down Confederate Statue, ‘Silent Sam’

The granddaughter of a former chancellor at the University of North Carolina was caught on camera bragging about her participation in the destruction of the “Silent Sam” statue on Monday night.

“So basically what happened was there was four banners on each side – well actually one banner on each side, and they were all connected by sticks,” said Margarita Sitterson, “and people wrapped rope around the sticks and we pulled back and forth and back and forth until it fell down.”

Sitterson is a student at UNC, according to her LinkedIn profile.

A Chapel Hill resident pointed out that there is a Sitterson building on campus. It turns out that Sitterson Hall is named after Margarita’s grandfather, J. Carlyle Sitterson, who served as chancellor of the university from 1966 to 1972.

When asked if her name was on one of the buildings, Sitterson readily admitted that her grandfather is a UNC alumnus, and that he spent his entire life working at the school.

“My grandfather – he went here for college, then he became a professor, then he became a dean [inaudible], then he became chancellor.”

Sitterson said she was ashamed and that she carried guilt because she is white, and white people owned slaves.


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The Silent Sam statue was a monument honoring the ordinary Confederate soldier. Erected in 1913, it has been the topic of a great deal of controversy on campus since protestors occupied the statue a year ago.

The statue was torn down by several UNC students Monday night in an apparent effort to combat racism.

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