WATCH Hillary Clinton Use Seth Rich Murder To Push Gun Control (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton, Twitter

While many people on the Internet speculate that Hillary Clinton was involved in the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, Clinton’s only known public reference to Rich has largely been buried. Clinton used Rich’s murder to justify her gun control push days after the DNC staffer died from gunshot wounds in the nation’s capital. Clinton made the chilling statement at a rally with Bernie Sanders at which a man in a suit was captured on video repeatedly trying to block and seize a woman’s Bernie sign in the crowd, causing a commotion.

Rich was murdered in the early morning hours of Sunday July 10, 2016 in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, near Howard University hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department stated: “At approximately 4:19 am, members of the Fifth District were patrolling the area when they heard gunshots. Upon arrival on the scene, members located an adult male victim conscious and breathing, and suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.” Rich had reportedly spent time at Lou’s sports bar in Columbia Heights earlier that night. He was shot twice in the back but was not robbed of any personal belongings.

A private investigator working for Rich’s family claims that evidence exists on the dead politico’s laptop proving that he was in contact with WikiLeaks. Julian Assange’s whistleblower organization has always suggested that Rich was the source of the DNC leaks that felled the Hillary Clinton campaign prior to the Democratic National Convention. The leaks showed that the DNC actively colluded to rob Sanders of the nomination in favor of Clinton. Rich was murdered four days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch shut down the Hillary Clinton email investigation (which was later re-opened in October by the FBI due to new evidence), and twelve days before WikiLeaks made their game-changing DNC publications.

After the murder, the Rich family was represented in the press for a while by top Democratic operative Brad Bauman, who has fought to squash the idea that Rich was killed to protect the Hillary Clinton campaign. But the Rich family, unsatisfied with law enforcement’s inability to crack the case, continues to work independently to solve the murder.

Clinton mentioned Rich in her July 12 speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with Sanders, holding up Rich as an example that should prove the need to get “weapons of war” off the streets. Rich, by all accounts, was killed by a handgun.

SCROLL to the 8:45 Mark In This Video of The Speech:

At that same rally, a man in a suit was captured trying to suppress pro-Bernie crowd members, as Clinton watched from the stage.

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