WATCH How Rude Chris Wallace Was To Sarah Sanders As She Fights For The Wall

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders continued to urge Democrats to care about the national security of the United States during her appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

But Trump supporters noticed how incredibly combative host Chris Wallace was to Sanders, with Wallace pushing her on the Democrat non-wall bills to end the government shutdown, which Wallace clearly supports. Wallace is obviously no fan of the shutdown. Many viewers have gotten tired of Wallace’s left-wing advocacy, which is similar to fellow Fox villains Shep Smith, Juan Williams, and others.

“That shouldn’t happen in this country, particularly when we have things that we know can help prevent it,

“Every life, that’s what sets America apart from every other country. We value life. It’s what makes us unique,” Sanders said, referring to the killing of California police corporal Singh, which has led to the arrest of an illegal immigrant suspect. “And the day we stop doing that — even if it’s one, ten, or a hundred thousand — that’s when we stop being the greatest country on the face of this earth.”

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