[WATCH] How South African Solidariteit Fights to Preserve Cultural Values Against Systemic Violence and Repression

In the past decades since the end of the Apartheid system, South Africa has descended into madness, starvation, and European hatred. Millions of Afrikaners (the predominantly Dutch, European descendant population in the country) have fled for Europe and the Americas to escape the tyranny and chaos. The White population in South Africa has gone from nearly one third of the total population to one thirteenth.

Big League Politics has previously reported on the plight of the Afrikaner, including calls for mass murder against white farmers and the nation’s ever-increasing murder rate.

Big League Politics chief journalist Shane Trejo met with Jaco Kleynhans, Head International Liason for the group known as SOLIDARITY, in Lansing, Mich. last week. Solidarity is an Afrikaner Trade Union intent upon building their own parallel infrastructure to protect themselves and their Christian heritage from the socialist government, something American conservatives have been failing at achieving for generations.

The recorded interview can be seen here:

Solidarity, boasting roughly 200,000 members throughout South Africa, is a uniquely impressive organization to say the least. The grand operation plays the role of a trade union, collecting tax-like dues from its members in order to provide the basic infrastructure and protections that one would expect to be provided by the central government. In recent years, mobs have attacked and slaughtered white farmers in rural areas with the police and government largely turning a blind eye. This has made Solidarity’s work especially crucial toward preventing human rights atrocities from being perpetrated on the country’s white minority.

Solidarity has used their budget to establish several Private Security Companies which actively patrol their communities and protect them from violence. But they aren’t stopping here. Aside from security, Solidarity has used their budget to move Afrikaners out of dangerous areas and into their own communities, create job programs, and establish private schools free from government overreach. Public schools in South Africa often preach Critical Race Theory and anti-white hatred to disillusion the youth, similar to the problems faced in the United States and Europe. In Solidarity’s schools, Afrikaner children learn about their European Heritage, Christian moral values, and skills they will need to become a positive driving force in society once they reach adulthood.

South Africa is also experiencing an immigration crisis similar to U.S., Europe, and virtually all Western nations under the yoke of globalism. Immediately after Apartheid, the borders were opened up and over 20 million migrants from other parts of Africa swarmed the country, quickly putting the Afrikaner at an extreme demographic disadvantage and sending the nation into peril. The realities faced by Jaco and the other Afrikaners will soon be the realities experienced in decaying first-world nations across the world. Mass migration, lack of self-defense, and Marxist propaganda from the public school system are plagues that will doom the West unless they are stopped before they destroy civilization.

The official website for Solidarity, or Solidariteit in the native Dutch Afrikaans, can be found here. The group is sending liaisons like Jaco out across the western world, attempting to bring awareness to their peoples’ struggle and amass international support. In the coming weeks, an international donation page will be online to help support these Afrikaners heavily in need of support. Big League Politics will provide an update when this occurs.

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