WATCH: Independent Journalist ‘Slammed,’ Violently Removed By Beto O’Rourke Supporters After Questioning Surgeries For Trans Kids

Independent journalist Taylor Hansen confronted Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke on medicalized gender transitions for minors. Asking him if he would “disavow surgery for trans kids” during an onstage speech.

O’Rourke, not entertaining any comments from Hansen, said “we’ll see you later, buddy. You’re not on the program” while the independent journalist was violently removed by supporters at Texas’ oldest lesbian bar, Sue Ellen’s.


In the video above, Hansen can be seen being pulled and shoved from the stage area by O’Rourke supporters.

“I will be filing a police report with Dallas PD for assault,” Hansen said on Twitter after the incident.

“Why do you want to mutilate children Beto?” Hansen asked O’Rourke.

The mob of O’Rourke supporters can be seen pushing Hansen towards a person in a wheelchair. One person in the crowd can also be seen grabbing Hansen by his sweatshirt. With another bear-hugging Hansen to drag him out of the event.

“She got knocked over by that a**hole, but she got back up,” O’Rourke said referring to the disabled woman in the wheelchair.

“In response to me being thrown on the ground Beto called me an “a**hole,” Hansen would later confirm on Twitter. “And completely ignored the fact that his supporters were the ones who dragged me over the woman in a wheelchair.”

Outside the venue, Hansen told the security guard at the event multiple times not to touch him before the video suddenly went dark. 

“I tried to file a police report for assault with an officer who witnessed the entire attack— M. Thomas (badge number 11603),” Hansen said online. “[she] refused to take a report from me and claimed it ‘wasn’t assault.’”

This is a developing story. We will update it as new information becomes available.

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