WATCH Joe DiGenova Exposes Deep State Spying On Trump: Biggest Scandal Of Our Time

President Donald Trump attorney Joe DiGenova ripped into the Deep State players like John Brennan who spearheaded a massive spying campaign on President Trump and his campaign team.

We know now that the FBI was sending spies into the Trump campaign — monitoring George Papadopoulos in real time in all of his interactions, for instance. We know that phony dossiers were used to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants, and we know that Don Jr.’s meeting in Trump Tower with some Russian small-timers including a Fusion GPS operative was a set-up.

Here, DiGenova goes on “Hannity” to absolutely obliterate the Obama-Gate conspirators, who have been working ever since Trump became the presumptive nominee (and actually for years before that, clandestinely) to destroy our current president.


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