WATCH: Journalist Assaulted By Gillum Campaign Staffer, Violent Leftist Mob

A Florida journalist was assaulted by a violent mob of angry leftists while covering a public rally for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

“I was assaulted by supporters as a gay journalist covering his violent mob. Denounce this rabid attack or admit you condone violence Andrew… the world is watching!” said Jacob Engels of Central Florida Post on Twitter, attaching a video of the event.

Engels toldĀ Big League PoliticsĀ that he was assaulted by Gillum’s supporters – including a campaign staffer – for asking about Hungarian billionaire George Soros’ ties to the campaign.

“The guy in the pink shirt [in the video] is actually part of the Gillum campaign,” Engels said. “Gillum’s security did nothing. They didn’t stop the violence. He didn’t stop his speech or denounce the violence.”

“Questioning Soros set the mob on fire,” Engels said. “One woman chucked a beer at me. I was punched, kicked and hit with an umbrella.”

Engels said the mob only backed off after a passerby who was at the public park, but not attending the event, jumped in and staved off the rabid leftists. Engels’ cameraman was also assaulted when he kneeled down to pick up his equipment, which had been knocked to the ground by Gillum’s supporters.

“If they don’t condemn the violence then they support and encourage it, and I guess we’ll be seeing more of it at his events,” Engels said.

Engels will be pursuing legal action.

The radical mob-like behavior from angry leftists continues, inspired by politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) who called for harassment of Republicans, and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) who told his supporters to “get up in the face” of Trump supporters.

Gillum squares off with Republican Ron DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial election on Nov. 6.



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