WATCH: Joy Villa Documents a Day in New York City as a Female Trump Supporter

Joy Villa/YouTube Screenshot

Joy Villa, an American singer and songwriter who nearly broke the internet when she revealed her beautiful ‘Make America Great Again’ gown at the Grammys, has documented what it is like to be a woman in a MAGA hat in one of busiest and one of the most Liberal cities in the world.

Villa’s viral social experiment was modeled after the 2014 viral video “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” except instead, the singer rocked an American flag jumpsuit, a Trump/Pence shirt, and of course — a red Make America Great Again hat.

In the footage, while speaking to a man who opposes Trump, Villa explains that she herself was not always a supporter of our now-president.

“But when I started watching him, I said wait — there’s another side that is not told on CNN,” Villa tells the man. She explained that her realization lead to her looking up activists and journalists who supported him, including the firebrand Milo Yiannopolous, and her red-pilling began.

While the video was filmed about a month ago, it has gained a significant amount of steam in recent days.

Big League Politics spoke to Villa about the experience, and what it was like to openly support the president in such hostile times. She explained that her goal was to show that it is okay to openly show your support — as there are more of us than people think.

“I was very nervous we headed throughout New York City me,” Villa told Big League Politics.

She explained that her friend Jacqueline Van Bierk has filmed the entire day with a hidden GoPro camera.

“I tried to be as open as possible and look and talk to people as much as possible to see their genuine reaction, I got a lot of nasty looks laughing and one guy when I asked him where the train station was yelled out ‘F- Trump!’ at me,” Villa said.

Though there were negative reactions, Villa explained that there were also some extremely positive moments that were captured through the GoPro lens.

“There was people like the guy in Starbucks from Honduras who appreciated me actually looking him in the eyes and chatting with them and talking to him. He was sparked by my American outfit in my Trump hat asking me what I was doing wearing it,” Villa explained.

In one interaction, the man she was speaking to seemed truly open to hearing her perspective.

“The reactions were 50-50 but some of them are truly eye-opening like the last gentleman who went from being a stone cold CNN listener who swore he would never look at anything else to actually being open to looking at other news sources. I take that as a personal win! It was really fun to talk to him and help him open his eyes, give him a taste of the red pill!” Villa exclaimed.

I asked her if she found that other Trump supporters tend to be very supportive, something that I myself have experienced when wearing a MAGA hat or spotting others openly wearing their support.

“Absolutely a lot of the supporters were so friendly! We feel like we’re in a secret club were special union and we are like a family because often would look down upon so much and mistreated in the media — then we meet each other we can’t help but smile and become friends,” Villa told Big League Politics. “Basically we know we want to same thing for America — to keep winning, to be successful, for jobs to flourish, for the economy to grow, and for us to love and support our president and really make it great again. It’s not just a slogan it’s what we’re doing day in and day out.”

Ultimately, Villa found that while there will always be some negative reactions — they are outshined by the positive.

“Overall I did it to show that you can wear your Trump support and support the president, and yes you will get some negative reactions. but also you get some positive reactions. A lot of people gave me thumbs up sign, some smiles and appreciated me supporting the president,” she said.

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