WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse Had ‘Legal Firearm’ and Acted in ‘100% Self-Defense’ at Kenosha Shooting, Lawyer Tells Tucker Carlson

The attorney for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to defend his client against a smear campaign meant to destroy his reputation as he faces first-degree murder charges for shooting three communists at a riot in Kenosha, Wisc. last week.

“This is 100 percent self-defense,” Rittenhouse’s lawyer John Pierce said. “The only individuals Kyle shot were the three individuals attacking him and putting him at risk. This is a 17-year-old kid, this is amazing what he did.”

Pierce explained that Rittenhouse was being menaced by pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum, who is now dead. Rosenbaum was “leading the attack” and “began to assault him from behind, attempted to take his weapon, take his firearm, and Kyle, when he turned, he instantaneously had no choice but to defend himself by firing because he was in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death.”

“They began screaming that Kyle needed to be killed, and they were going to kill him. They started relentlessly hunting him as prey as he ran down the street attempting to retreat,” Pierce said.

Pierce said that the individuals who were attacking Rittenhouse ought to be charged, and the fact that Rittenhouse is in jail right now is a disgrace.

“Where are the charges for aggravated assault against Kyle Rittenhouse? Where are the charges for arson in our cities? Where are the charges for rioting? Where are the charges for crossing state lines? And where are the charges against the people who are funding this activity?” Pierce asked.

“Why is [Kyle] the one sitting in jail tonight as forces within this country sickeningly attempt to find a way to bring harm to him while he’s in detention?” he continued.

“It is sickening,” Carlson responded.

The clips from the interview can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Google is amplifying dubious reporting about Rittenhouse in order to destroy his reputation as he heads to trial:

A viral video that leftists are saying shows 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse hitting a girl is being pushed in Google search results to smear Rittenhouse’s reputation as he prepares for trial.

Google has apparently manipulated their algorithm on their YouTube streaming video platform to bias the results so anyone searching for Rittenhouse finds the dubious video…

It is being alleged that an individual in these videos is Rittenhouse because one man in the skirmish is wearing similar shoes that Rittenhouse has worn in social media pictures.

These are the types of pictures that are being promoted as supposed evidence that an individual in the fight was Rittenhouse:

Even though there is very little proof offered in these videos that Rittenhouse was actually the individual involved in the fight, that has not stopped the Left from demonizing him anyway, as they want his life to be destroyed forever for standing up against the mob…

Rittenhouse is in for the fight of his life, but he has conservatives united around him as he attempts to vindicate his good name. The globalist establishment will continue to run his name through the mud as they attempt to destroy him throughout this process.

Rittenhouse has become a cult hero because he took a stand against ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution. The silent majority stands behind Kyle Rittenhouse.

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