WATCH: Loomer Smacks Comey Down, Gets Tossed from Book Signing

Laura Loomer

The insufferable James Comey met our pal Laura Loomer today, and it was as explosive as one would expect.

Comey is out and about pushing his White House fan-fiction novel called “A Higher Loyalty.” Today was the first day of the book tour, and his first stop was New York City, which he did after his appearance on ABC’s “The View.”


During the question and answer session, Loomer grilled the disgraced former FBI Director, much to the chagrin of the Comey cult.

“Hey Mr. Comey, how is it ethical to brief the President of the United States on the unverifiable and salacious dossier, and how is ethical leadership to not tell him his political opposition, Hillary Clinton, had paid for that,” Loomer asked.

“You didn’t disclose that information,” she continued as the crowd jeered. “Why didn’t you disclose that to President Trump?”

Comey had planned on reading written questions from audience members, undoubtably screened for content, before Loomer interrupted with real questions. Comey stood on the stage, looking like a deer in the headlights through the ordeal.

“Today, 11 lawmakers, Mr. Comey, filed a criminal referral against you,” she said. “You’re gonna get prosecuted, Comey. You’re gonna get locked up.”

Predictably, Loomer was escorted out of the venue.

Like her tactics or not, you have to admire Loomer’s gall. She continues to embody the true spirit of journalism by asking raw and unscripted questions that her targets simply do not want to answer.

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