WATCH: McCaskill Runs Away from Video Camera During Public Town Hall, Demands It Removed

An incumbent Senate candidate from Missouri hilariously hightailed out of a public town hall meeting as soon as noticed that she was being filmed.

“WOW. does NOT want you to see where she actually stands on issues… Watch the awkward video here  ,” said the National Republican Senate Committee attaching a video of the event.

The video shows Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) entering the room, looking up at the camera person, and then instantly heading for the exit.

She re-emerges a minute later, at which point one of the event hosts asks the man to stop filming, though the event was open to the public.

The man waited for McCaskill after the event, asking her why she did not want Missourians to hear what she had to say inside the meeting.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is making a strong bid to flip McCaskill’s Senate seat from blue to red.


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