WATCH: Navy SEAL Veteran Craig Sawyer Announces His Daughter’s Rapist’s GUILTY Verdicts

Craig Sawyer, a Navy SEAL veteran, shared an emotional video announcing the guilty verdicts against a man named Johnny Angel Salazar for the rape of Sawyer’s daughter, at knifepoint, near the University of Arizona campus. Sawyer served with the SEALs in the Persian Gulf War and was a member of SEAL Team SIX.

The rape of Sawyer’s daughter occurred on March 10, 2017.

Sawyer’s daughter took the witness stand in Salazar’s trial for “over two hours” to be questioned by her own rapist.

“As nasty and as disrespectful as this rapist was to our daughter in questioning her, she sat there and answered questions very professionally and in a straightforward factual manner, and every single thing she said was later backed up by hardcore forensic evidence,” Sawyer said. “She showed so much strength through it.”

Sawyer announced the guilty verdicts from Arizona Superior Court, Tucson: Salazar is guilty on five counts of sexual assault, a count of aggravated kidnapping, and a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Here is the convicted rapist Johnny Angel Salazar.

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