WATCH: New Video Angle Clearly Shows ANTIFA Throwing a Hammer and Spraying Mace at Bus in Portland

Andy Ngo of Quillette, who was once a victim of a violent assault from ANTIFA that resulted in the journalist suffering a brain bleed earlier this year, posted shocking new footage that clearly showed the left-wing group committing terrorism against a bus filled with patriotic protesters in Portland.

A new video angle shows the nature of the premeditated violent assault committed by ANTIFA thugs against the bus while it was stuck in traffic:

The ANTIFA activist pictured throwing a hammer into the bus, who was wearing a t-shirt that says “Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe” at the time, is currently being allowed to raise funds for his legal fees on GoFundMe.

Other videos produced from the mayhem in Portland from this past weekend’s protests show that ANTIFA were clearly the aggressors, instigating the mayhem to prevent a peaceful protest against domestic terrorism.

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear before the latest display of violence in Portland, ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist organization. Please sign the petition urging President Donald Trump to give ANTIFA that designation so that federal resources can be used to shut down this existential threat to American liberty permanently.

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