WATCH: Nigel Farage Films Illegal Immigration Smuggling Ring Infiltrating Britain

Brexit ringleader and Euroskeptic campaigner Nigel Farage exposed the criminal operations of a human smuggling ring in action on the English Channel on Wednesday, documenting the complicity of the French Navy and the British border service in the infiltration attempt by the illegal immigrants.

Farage caught a French vessel intercepting the migrants’ unsafe and packed dinghy, only to view the French authorities escort the lifeboat to British waters where the British border patrol service dutifully took custody of the migrant group.

Farage is a longtime fisherman, and this isn’t the first time he’s filmed the transit of illegal immigrant boats across the English Channel while out boating.

Watch as the longtime mainstay of British nationalist politics exposes the criminal operation in real time:

The truth is, this is a massive criminal enterprise… That is organizing all of this, making vast sums of money. You can see all of the boats, absolutely packed… All being charged a minimum of five thousand euros each by the criminal gangs.

Remarkably, Farage was told to cease filming by British border services before the authorities took custody of the illegal migrants from the French navy.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the infiltration of illegal immigrant boats into Britain across the English channel has actually increased, contrasting starkly with illegal immigration levels to countries such as the United States. Farage has demanded that the British government get serious about deterring the flow of migrants, who pay nefarious criminal smugglers large sums of money to be taken across the channel in a perilous journey.


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