WATCH: PETA Puts Grown Man in Diaper to Convince You to Stop Drinking Milk

PETA Milk Wearing Diaper

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has released a new video on social media featuring a man wearing a diaper and riding a tricycle to convince viewers to stop drinking milk.

PETA released a new video this week, which starts by informing viewers that humans are the only species to continue drinking milk into adulthood. In an attempt to embarrass adults who enjoy an occasional cold glass of milk or bowl of cereal, the ethically ambiguous animal rights organization showed a grown man wearing a diaper, being fed like a baby, and riding a tricycle through the streets of London.

The video starts with the caption, “To make a point that humans are the only species that drinks milk in adulthood, PETA had a grown man act like a baby in the streets of London,” and shows a man walking around in a diaper without pants, then riding a tricycle through the street, asking passersby to give him a “push.”

The cringe-worthy video features the man walking down the street in an oversized diaper, reading children’s books, asking strangers to feed him, coloring, and eating with his hands.

“It was all very strange,” said the video’s captions, “But not as strange as an adult man drinking cows’ breast milk.”

The ad concludes with the words “Grow up. Go Vegan.”

Science and archaeological findings suggest that, in spite of PETA’s fantasies of a milk-free society, Western Civilization was built on the ability to consume milk.

Starting roughly 11,000 years ago, humans went through what is termed the Agricultural Revolution, which saw an end to primitive hunter-gather societies and the beginning of modern human civilization. As this transformation occurred, early Europeans slowly gained the ability to produce lactase, the enzyme necessary to properly digest milk.

This gave Europeans a strong advantage when it came to surviving the harsh winters of northern Europe, as milk offered a ready source of dense nutrition to early societies.

However much PETA may want us to stop drinking milk, those of European descent will likely balk at giving up the 11,000 year old habit.

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