WATCH: Pickup Truck Crushes Motorcycle Roadblock Placed by Portland Rioters

Left-wing mob criminals continue to inflict violence and property damages upon the community in Portland, and footage of an event Tuesday night showed an incident in which a rioter attempted to roadblock and surround a motorist driving a pickup truck.

The chump who placed a motorcycle in front of the pickup truck created an extremely dangerous situation, and unfortunately lost his vehicle because of it.

Watch the dangerous incident here:

Reports indicate leftwing rioters had been banging on the pickup driver’s windows as one of them placed his motorcycle to blockade the vehicle.

After the pickup escaped from the mob of antifas, the rioters placed more obstructions into the public roadway to prevent any vehicles from escaping their mob action.

Black Lives Matter rioters were later seen attacking a Portland Police building on Tuesday’s riot. Criminal activity at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse has largely declined since Portland officials finally agreed to fulfill their security responsibilities at the courthouse, with federal law enforcement taking a secondary role.

A woman carrying an American flag was bullied by the rioters earlier in the night and made to depart from the mob of black-clad ANTIFA militants.

Many of these people are pathological criminals with an intense desire to act upon their own neuroses by inflicting terror on the public. Combine their disposition with the utterly feckless and supine Portland left-wing city government, and you’ve got a perfect environment for ANTIFA political violence.

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