WATCH: Pollster Plays God on HillTV, Says Pete Buttigieg is Changing Meaning of Christianity

A pollster who made an appearance on HillTV Tuesday argued that Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a presidential candidate and gay man who claims to be Christian, is redefining what that term means to Americans.

“I think it’s a great example because he is also of the millennial generation of how spirituality or religion doesn’t necessarily fit the same mold or the same box that it used to,” said Mallory Newall, a pollster at the RP Group.

But religion does not have “boxes.” One either abides by the religion or does not. No man or political commentator can play God and redefine what it means to be Christian.

“He shows and he said in his own words, you know, you can believe in God, you can go to church, and still be a gay man and still believe in spirituality, whatever it is,” she continued. “So, I think what we’re moving toward maybe is not necessarily a move toward atheism or not believing in God, but perhaps being accepting of people’s different interpretations of religion and spirituality.”


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