WATCH: President Biden Calls Reporter Asking About Inflation a “Stupid Son of a B****”

President Joe Biden called a reporter a “stupid son of a b****” after he asked a question about inflation on Monday, in what amounts to the latest and possibly most humiliating verbal gaffe for a President frequently caught in inappropriate verbal outbursts on camera.

Doocy’s had asked Biden if he thought inflation is a political liability in the midterms,” in an eminently fair question. The Democrat responded with a profane freakout.

Biden has insulted Doocy to his face on several occasions, as the Fox News reporter has proven one of the only White House press corps members able and willing to challenge the President with hard questions.

The gaffe occurred after a meeting of Biden’s Competition Council, a White House organization set up to offer policy solutions to rampaging inflation destroying the savings of middle-class Americans, eroding the nation’s supply chain, and worsening the quality of life of the nation.

Biden is yet to apologize, and probably didn’t even realize his profanity was audible on camera until his handlers notified him after the event was over. The event amounts to an insult to press freedom on the part of the White House, which has routinely stiffed independent media and provided fewer interview and press conference opportunities than any President since the turn of the century.

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