WATCH: President Trump Destroys Media and Democrats: ‘These People Are Sick’

President Donald Trump is owning the stage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he obliterated the Democrats and media who perpetrated “the single greatest hoax in the history of politics in our country.” Trump announced that he is securing $300 million in funding for there Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

“Their fraud has been exposed, and the credibility of those who pushed this hoax is forever broken,” Trump said, calling them “losers.”

“They’re on artificial respirators right now. They’re getting mouth to mouth necessitation. Little pencil neck Adam Schiff. He’s got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. He is not a long ball hitter…It’s all lies. They know it’s lies.”

“These people are sick,” President Trump said to massive applause.

“All of the Democrat politicians, the media bosses. Bad people. The crooked journalists. The totally dishonest TV pundits. And by the way, they know it’s not true,” Trump said.

“We are the party of the American worker. We are the party of the American family. We are the party of the American Dream.”

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