WATCH: Rapper YG Kicks Fan Out of Concert For Refusing to Curse Donald Trump

Rapper YG kicked a fan out of his own concert in Texas when the young man refused to say ‘F*** Donald Trump‘ for the audience.

YG apparently first engaged with the man at some point during the concert in San Antonio, asking him if he was a Trump supporter. YG then invited him on stage, telling him that he didn’t know if he wanted to shake the man’s hand.

YG asked him to state his name, and then say the phrase associated with one of his well-known anti-Trump songs.

The fan nodded ‘no,’ and YG was quick to have him kicked out of the concert.

Get his a** out of here! Get him out of here! F*** up out the stage! He a Donald Trump supporter, get his a** out of here!

Watch a video of the intolerant interaction here, where YG seems to have simply picked out and humiliated a random person from the crowd for no real reason.

It’s ultimately not surprising that YG chose to shame one of his own fans for being a Trump supporter, considering he has a long track record of anti-Trump commentary in his music.

But his act shows the left is strongly committed to waging cultural war against those who don’t share their political and social views.

Eventually, should the left’s intolerance begin to wear on their conservative neighbors, it’s possible liberals will be kicked out of country music or other musical venues because they don’t support Trump. Such an arrangement is inherently damaging to American national life, in that it creates a segregated culture around political lines.

YG could’ve simply rejected the man’s seemingly milquetoast and polite decision not to curse the President without kicking him out. But he’s committed to showing us just how intolerant the Left really is.

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