WATCH: Sarah Sanders Destroys Jim Acosta Yet Again

Jim Acosta, Facebook

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders outclassed CNN’s Jim Acosta yet again.

Sanders accused Acosta of lowering the level of discourse in America, and pointed out that she is probably the first press secretary to require Secret Service detail because of all of the media’s disgusting attacks on her.

“The media continues to ratchet up the attacks against this president,” Sanders stated, pointing out that Jim Acosta interrupted yet again. Acosta actually acknowledged that he interrupted her, saying, “That’s why I interrupted.” Why did he interrupt? It doesn’t really matter.

Acosta, who thought the poem on the Statue of Liberty is binding law, was shut down and shut down well. Why do they still let this guy into the room? There are plenty of good alternative reporters who get in there sometimes on day passes, but low-rated CNN still gets in all the time?

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