WATCH: Son of Murdered Woman Attacks Alleged Killer in Court

The son of a murdered Michigan woman jumped the barrier in a courtroom to attack his mother’s alleged killer while he was testifying, according to Wednesday reports.

“Vashon Flowers, 46, is charged with open murder – which means that prosecutors could charge him with either first-degree murder, second-degree murder or manslaughter – in the death of Jamie Thomas-Flowers at their Muskegon Heights home last month,” according to Fox News.

Thomas-Flowers’ son, London Thomas, ran from his seat in the courtroom and jumped over a barrier behind which Flowers was testifying. He landed on top of Flowers, and was immediately subdued by a bevy of court officers.

Flowers is accused of kicking in the door of Thomas-Flowers’ home, and shooting her four times at close range. He reportedly surrendered himself to police on the same evening, and has a prior conviction for “assault with a dangerous weapon.”

Thomas was taken into custody and charged with contempt. He is barred from future court proceedings.



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