WATCH: The View Shamelessly Doubles Down On Defense Of Fetterman’s Declining Health

Democrats will say pretty much anything to defend John Fetterman.

For those paying attention to the Pennsylvania Senate race, Fetterman’s campaign has been riddled with gaffs and flat out oddities ever since he had a stroke. 

Some of these occasions have been so bad that critics of Fetterman are claiming he is unfit for office. And that Democrats should encourage him to withdraw from the race.

Of course, that’s not going to happen. As Democrats are instead choosing to gaslight Americans over these well warranted Fetterman health concerns. 

The left defended Fetterman no matter what feels like the Joe Biden candidacy (and presidency) all over again. 

And it’s all being done for a potential blue rubber stamp in DC after midterms.

For example, just yesterday an NBC reporter said Fetterman had trouble with “small talk” before their interview. She also said the Senate candidate had to use a computer for closed captioning.

Today, the women of The View doubled down on their defense of Fetterman, claiming that the NBC reporter, herself, is just bad at small talk.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg defend Fetterman’s refusal to release his medical records:

Later in the show, Sara Haines commended Fetterman on his progress in recovering from his stroke.

Then she seemingly took issue with the NBC interviewer trying to have small talk with Fetterman. Downplaying his inability to comprehend speech while claiming the interviewer broke journalistic ethics.

“Maybe she’s bad at small talk! Maybe it’s her!” Whoopi said. 

Apparently it’s a bad thing to question a possible future Senator’s health decline. 

Democrats want Americans to disregard reality. All to ensure their candidate gets elected – no matter the potential consequences.

After defending Fetterman, The View moved to blast Hershel Walker over his ability to comprehend. 

“What makes the Republicans think that Herschel walker is coherent and he hasn’t had a stroke?” Joy Behar asked.

“That’s a valid point,” Sunny Hostin declared. Then she and the rest of the cast collectively laughed at the possibility of Walker having brain damage.

“I know politics can be nasty, but even then I could never imagine ridiculing someone for their health challenges,” Haines would later say after mocking Fetterman’s Republican opponent Mehmet Oz – thus highlighting her hypocrisy even more.

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