WATCH Tommy Robinson Predicted His Own Silencing

Tommy Robinson, the citizen journalist who changed the world by reporting on the Muslim gang-rape “grooming” gangs terrorizing his beloved Great Britain, predicted his own demise.

In this video he made just two months ago, Robinson warned that a social-media silencing was coming for him, urging his followers to sign up for his website before the tech companies shut him up. “Trust me, it’s going to happen.”

Of course, Mr. Robinson is now facing a demise of more grave importance, as he is currently in jail for 13 months for filming on the street outside of a gang-rape trial.

His former editor Ezra Levant, Lauren Southern, and others have said that this is a death sentence for Tommy, because, as Levant said, British prisons are known as “halal,” where the British government gets rid of people by handing them to the Muslim gangs on the inside.

Robinson was badly beaten in a previous jail stint when guards took him, supposedly to see his lawyer, but instead left him in a room with a Muslim gang where they attacked him. Other reports have stated that Muslim prisoners want to rip Robinson’s face off with an acid solution.

If Tommy Robinson is killed, the British government — which inflicted a reporting ban on British journalists in the case — will never be seen the same way again.


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