WATCH: Trump Defends Kavanaugh and Family From Vicious Press Attacks

At a press conference on Monday, President Donald J. Trump stood up to the mainstream press on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“Let the Senate decide – whatever they want to do is okay with me, and also the FBI,” Trump said in reference to the scope of the latest FBI investigation into unprovable allegations of sexual misconduct made by Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump said that he wanted the investigation to be finished quickly, not because he wants to hamstring the investigators, but because of the personal turmoil that Kavanaugh and his family have endured at the hands of the press.

“What he’s gone through over the last three weeks is incredible,” Trump said. “I want the FBI – this is now their seventh investigation – it’s not like they’re just starting. I want [the investigation] to be comprehensive. I actually think it’s a good thing for Judge Kavanaugh.

“Now with that being said, I’d like it to go quickly,” he continued. “And the reason I’d like it to go quickly is very simple – it’s so simple – because it’s unfair to him at this point. What his wife is going through, what his beautiful children are going through is not describable. It’s not fair.”

Trump gave a pass to the vicious media for their attacks on him, saying that he now considers it a a part of his job description to put with with their “crap.”

Kavanaugh’s family – particularly his wife – have also been the target of violent leftist threats.

“May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell,” one email received by Ashley Kavanaugh said.

“My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it,” said another.


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