WATCH: Tucker RIPS Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Over ‘The View’ Apology Fest

Tucker Carlson ripped Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke in prime time for his hap-hazard apology fest on ABC’s The View Tuesday afternoon, in which the presidential candidate made it clear that he was a privileged white male, and that he was deeply sorry for the immutable characteristics with which he was born.

Carlson, along with noting that O’Rourke’s sorriness was only feigned, and that he was only apologizing in order to cower to the leftist mob that views victimhood has moral and noble, said the following:

“Beto O’Rourke, we are sad to tell you, has changed. He’s not the boyish, carefree road tripper with the primo weed hookup you might remember from just a few months ago. That Beto is gone, maybe forever. The new Beto is far more serious, even angry. What’s the new Beto mad about? Well, climate change, obviously, and border walls and bigotry, and uptight old people who don’t understand that skateboarding is not a crime. Also, that buzzkill Pete Buttigieg – or whatever his name is – who snuck up and stole his spot in the presidential rankings. That was annoying as hell. But mostly what Beto is mad at, is Beto. Beto’s had some free time recently, being unemployed, so he looked inside and came to the conclusion that actually he’s a pretty mediocre person – not a good guy at all, pretty much an awful human being. Most people would keep that knowledge to themselves. Not Beto. He went on “The View” today to tell everyone.

Tucker showed O’Rourke’s clips from view, and continued to pummel him.


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