WATCH: Tucker SLAMS Liberals For Saying Climate Hoax Is A Bigger Threat Than Surging Violent Crime

Candance Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss surging violent crime in Democrat-run cities.

Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson on his show when he slammed pundits who are both on the left-wing and corporate media Monday night for downplaying surging violent crime in liberal cities. We are currently only into our first month of the new year, and five children under the age of 18 have been tragically shot and killed so far in 2022 alone.

Carlson said, “Violent crime in major cities is completely out of control. Thousands are dying, Americans dying this weekend in Chicago. For example, an eight-year-old girl was murdered.”

Candace Owens slams liberals for downplaying skyrocketing crime

“But it’s not just Chicago,” he continued. “It’s nationwide. Ten of this country’s biggest cities have set all time homicide records last year… including the dangerous seventies, it’s worse now than it’s ever been ever in American history. But on CNN that’s not a problem at all. It was caused by their patrons of the Democratic party. So, of course they’re angry at Fox News for bringing it up.”

Carlson then played a clip of CNN’s “Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter” in which Stelter suggested that surging violent crime is an issue of high exaggeration: “…the way it’s described on Fox, you’d be afraid to leave your house.”

Another profound pundit on the CNN panel chimed in, “The goal of this kind of coverage is to freak people out, to cause them to live in fear. Ironically, a lot of the fear-mongering is about the things that are not actually mortal threats. And then there is ignoring the things that are mortal threats, you know, COVID, isn’t real and climate change isn’t real…those things are a little bit scary or have been scarier at various points in the past couple of years.”

It seems that people who are more afraid of being randomly shot in the street in soft-on-crime Chicago than they are of the sun monster or much less deadly coronavirus are just stupid in the eyes of CNN.

Carlson continued, “So the dumbest person on television, the mask and VAX lady who wants you to fear a climate. Is calling others fear, mongers. It’s all kind of hilarious, but also sort of awful.”

Owens then weighed in on the segment, largely agreeing with Carlson before making a political point about how liberal policies have been continuously detrimental to ‘black America.’

Tucker concluded by making a point about how he seems to care more about the lives of Democrat voters than the party does themselves.

“I’ve often heard liberals say, ‘Corona is killing mostly right-wing Republicans.’ So that’s fine,” Carlson said. “This violence surge is overwhelmingly killing the Democratic base, and speaking for myself, that’s not fine. I don’t care who they vote for, they’re Americans they’re dying. And you would think that the people representing their party would maybe care more than I do, but they care much less.”

Tucker Carlson has been calling attention to other nonsensical obsessions by the liberal establishment, including the aforementioned Covid-19 hysteria which recently reared its ugly head in the creation of what a University of Chicago student appearing on his show called a ‘caste system’ brought upon by the booster mandate.

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