WATCH: Two New York Police Officers Sing to Customers at Restaurant

Two police officers created a joyful environment in a New York restaurant as they serenaded customers.

Armonde “Moe” Badger and Michael Norwood, Jr. are no strangers to the viral media world as the two had a previous singing video make waves on the internet. Singing “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, the duo realized they had a knack for entertainment.

After the first video went viral, Commissioner Byron Lockwood and Captain Steve Nichols jumped on the opportunity to make a connection with the community. The new initiative is going to be used in an “effort to make genuine connections with Buffalo citizens,” according to Liftable.

Amidst the recent hatred towards the men and women in blue, this initiative is just what New York needs to help bring back a positive attitude towards the police.

In an interview with WKBW, Officer Badger said, “When you’re only dealing with (police officers) when they’re asking for your I.D. and for your registration, and they’re saying, ‘this is why I pulled you over,’ the humanity portion of them kind of gets pulled away.”

Officer Norwood explained his reasoning for the new initiative, “just go out there, interact with the community, and show them – we’re not what you think we are.”


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