WATCH: Video Reportedly Shows Secret Service House Call For Trump Death Threats

Secret Service House Call Trump Death Threat

A Facebook user uploaded a video of a woman reportedly being questioned by the United States Secret Service at her home for alleged death threats against President Donald J. Trump.

A woman reportedly had Secret Service come to her door to ask her questions about her Facebook use, after she made a threat against President Trump’s life using the platform. The woman, who identifies herself as Candace, began recording the interaction when the Secret Service agent and the local police officer came to her door to ask questions about her online statements.

“I made comments online so the Secret Service came to my door with the SAPD that works with them,” the woman began, before asking the officer if answering the questions was mandatory and if they intended to charge her with any crimes.

“Not at this point, no” the agent replied, “I’m here to ask you about this statement you made online.”

According to the agent, the woman wrote “Can someone shoot that fool [President Trump] between the eyes already and call it a day?” on Facebook, setting off the federal alarm bells that led to her door.

“Oh so what you’re saying is I don’t have a freedom of speech?” The woman shot back to the agent, “I can’t say what I want to?”

She then began to refuse to answer the agent’s questions, demanding whether to know whether she was under arrest or whether she committed a crime.

“That’s what I’m here to ascertain,” the agent replied coldly, “You have a right to decline my interview if you wish.”

The video ends with the woman taking the contact information of the Secret Service agent and pledging to contact his supervisor and contact an attorney, and the agent firmly informing the woman that this issue would not go away based on her responses.

A federal law forbidding individuals from making any type of threat to “kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm” against the president is likely what provoked this visit, something Kathy Griffin learned after her infamous photo shoot with the fake decapitated head of President Trump.



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