WATCH: Violent British Leftists Throw Milkshake on Trump Supporter, Police Intervene

British protestors gathered Tuesday in Parliament Square in London to yell about President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the U.K.

According to a video posted to Twitter by LBC reporter Matthew Thompson, one counter protestor, presumably a Trump supporter, was surrounded by anti-Trumpers yelling “Nazi scum,” and had a milkshake tossed on his head.

“Milkshaking,” as it has been termed, is the act throwing a milkshake on a politician with whom one disagrees. Tommy Robinson, Carl Benjamin, and Nigel Farage, all British right-wingers, faced similar acts of violence during their recent political campaigns. Now, it appears that the trend has spread to anyone who holds right-of-center views, not just those who are running for office.

The victim of the attack picked up the drink, and tossed it back at the perpetrator while an overwhelmed police woman stepped in. There was some pushing and shoving before the disturbance died down.


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