WEAK EXCUSE: Jimmy Kimmel Blames GameStopGate on Russian Bots

Establishment talk show host Jimmy Kimmel blamed GameStop’s stock rally on “Russian disrupters” during a segment on his show last week.

Watch here:

Because a bunch of amateur investors- maybe even some Russian disrupters- who are part of a community called Wall Street Bets decided to buy a bunch of GameStop stock.

Apparently the so-called comedian doesn’t recognize the humor in claiming a wide-ranging Russian plot to attack Wall Street by purchasing shares in a struggling video game retail company.

The GameStopGate phenomenon has been likened to a populist uprising against the Wall Street establishment, so it’s unsurprising that Kimmel would resort to the classic liberal excuse for the phenomenon.

Kimmel also deleted a tweet likening those who cheered on the GameStopGate rally to Donald Trump.

At least one Wall Street hedge fund has been forced to declare bankruptcy in response to the uprising of retail investors, who have moved to destabilize the firm grip of the financial establishment over the stock market.

Thinly-sourced “Russian bots” will continue to be used as an excuse for any event or development that liberals don’t like going forward, enduring well beyond Donald Trump’s presidency.

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